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No more tits please!!!!! - well rounded but perfectly ghetto

Mar. 5th, 2005

10:37 pm - No more tits please!!!!!

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I am sooooo sick of sizing womens tits I could scream!!!! Thank God I have tomorrow off from both jobs. I am going to stay up until 3 and sleep until 12, I am a wild woman. So I had something very confusing happen to me today....a guy that I have been on and off again involved with for like the past five years calls me out of nowhere today. The last time I talked to him was the beginning of january when he was here for one month and saw me all of once!! So I am wondering what I am supposed to think about this and why the hell he feels like he should call me now. Is it just me, or is something amuck? O well, after all he lives in colorado so in all honesty unless I wanted to, I dont ever have to see or talk to him again. There in lies the problem.....I think if given the chance I would still want to see him. What is wrong with me???????? Well for now I will stop dwelling on that issue and just enjoy my night and day off. Later Gators I am out!!

Current Mood: confusedconfused